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If you have any news or comments that you'd like to tell me about, please contact me.

New Artical! (8/22/05)

I just put out a new artical that I scanned! Gema actually wrote this one. When you get to the "articals" page, scroll down to the bottom of the page and you'll find it.

Gema Choreagraphed Sweeny Todd! (8/16/05)

Gema is choreographing a production of Sweeny Todd, "The Demon Barber of Fleet Street" for Theatre Aquarius In Hamilton, Ontario! Gema's Father, Lou, is Directing it. The performance dates are August 11th,12th,13th,18th,19th, and 20th at 8pm. There is also a performance on August 21st, at 2pm. The tickets are all $24.00.

Gema's Name (8/15/05)

I don't know about you, but I was always wanting to know what Gema's name meant, and after a while of searching, I found it out! Gema's name is Italian and it means: Precious Gem. I think that is a VERY fitting name. :)

LISTEN TO GEMA! (4/18/05)

Have you ever wanted to hear Gema do a commercial? I have! Click to listen to her do THREE! (This link will take you to, so once you get there, press the audio button and type in: Gema Zamprogna)

GEMA HAD A BABY! (4/17/05)

Gema gave birth to a baby girl named Ella on November 24, 2004! Congratulations to Gema and her husband Daniel!!



On this very day, 27 years ago,a wonderful talented person Gema was born!:) Happy birthday Gema! May all your wishes become reality.. 

Gema in the series Sue  Thomas:F.B.Eye! (21/05/03)
Recently, she appeared in an episode of the series, called "The Fugitive". She played Wendy, a wife of a thief who escapes from jail. The series airs in Canada, on Saturday nights, CTV. 
There are some new caps from Gema in the photos section, from the episode, taken by Shelly (thank you so much!) . 

And another news provided by Shelly:seems like she and Zach Bennett ( Felix -in the episodes Road to Avonlea ) will provide guest voices on Friday and Saturday (23-24 this month) on CBC Radio One's 'Mystery Project' series "Peggy Delaney". It airs Friday afternoon at 3:30 pm local and Saturday evening at 6:30 pm ET/7:30 pm AT/8 pm NT.

If you can't get CBC Radio One on your radio, you may also listen online via RealPlayer.


Well folks, it's been a while, but I'm back on track, and I hope to be able to update regulary from now on. I started with school, so as a freshman, you know how confused I feel at this moment, I'm still lost in space:)


There are two new articles, check them out. Both are very interesting. By the way, it seems like Gema has changed her agent. I hope we will get to know the new one soon. :)


Gema's birthdate has been a mystery for a long long time. Well we finally found out.  Gema's birthdate is 24/05/1976 !! Her horoscope sign is Gemini, can you imagine? :)))
I found out what was all about. I was a bit puzzled about Gema's performance at the Brott Music Festival. But, she was actually reading excerpts from Sophia MacNab's diary with a background music playing. Check the articles section, I've put a short article about it. There's one about her Gemini Award nomination back in 1995 too, which I discovered recently.
I just read on some webpage that Gema was preforming at the Brott Music Festival on 25th July 2000. The concert is inspired by Sophia MacNab's diary, and Gema was playing the character of Sophia. Where have I been? 't seems like Gema is quite busy these days:)
MORE GOOD NEWS  (thanks Shelly)

Gema is starring in an upcoming TV movie called "Jewel". She plays Sarah. The movie is still in production. Keep up the great work Gema!

Gema doing a theatre play "Sweet Phoebe" at Factory Theatre?
Check this out!

     Gema has recently appeared in a movie project called Johnny, and is produced in the Dogme 95 style . Inspired by Lars von Trier's "The Idiots", it is written and directed by Carl Bessai.
Gema plays Alice, a runaway from a nice, middle-class home who returns one evening to tell her sister, Dell (Vanessa Shaver), that she is pregnant, but who refuses to leave the streets where Johnny (Chris Martin),and his friends take advantage of her in various ways.Most of the movie is shot in Toronto, with a hand-held camera, with no special light or sound effects. It is a Raven West Production movie, presented at The Vancouver International Film Festival in 1999.
I've put a couple of comments which explain the plot and the idea very clearly.
Date: Friday, April 28, 2000
" Thanks to the Dogme style, viewers are given a reality-based sense of what it must be like to live on the streets, or in a hovel, and make a living washing car windows for grumpy or even hostile drivers on Spadina Ave. "
Toronto Sun

There have been lots of critics (some positive, some negative) about this movie.Here's some of the critics from a magazine called "EYE":
Date: 04.27.00
"The Dogme tactics give Johnny considerable vitality, but neither that nor the skills of Bessai's young cast can overcome some of the script's weaknesses. Johnny is so blatantly Machiavellian that his followers sometimes seem totally idiotic as well as weak-willed. Some scenes are sharp and terse while others are flat, deriving what energy they have from the incessant motion of the cameras (both Johnny's and Bessai's) rather than the characters' interaction... "
But, the results have shown that Johnny is a 7-out-of-10-star movie, and so it deserves attention.
Here's how you can contact Carl Bessai

Raven West Films
207 West Hastings, Suite 712
Vancouver, BC Canada V6B 1H7
Contact: Carl Bessai
Phone: (604) 681 7121
Fax: (604) 684

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