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Gema was born in May, 24,1976.She's is a native of Hamilton, Ontario. Besides being a talented actress, she's also a gifted dancer, (we can notice that in the movie "The Challengers" :)) and has apppeared in the Florida Symphonic Pops in Boca Raton as a dance soloist. Her father Lou is a professional choreographer and operates a dance school together with her mother.(Pauline).He is also the director of a performing arts program at Hamilton's professional theatre, Theatre Aquarius.

     As a child of art-performers, Gema has developed a great love for the arts, especially the acting. After graduating from Hillfield and Strathalland College in 1995, she has decided to continue her studies at Queen's University in Kingston, where she completed a bachelor of arts in drama in 1998.

Gema's twins siblings Dominic and Amanda, are also screen actors. You've probably seen Dominic appearing in the episodes "Are you affraid of the dark".
 Gema has been nominated for Best Supporting Actress Co-starring in a TV Series twice, in 1991 and 1993.

She is currently a memeber of Theaterfront as an actress and choreographer. Gema Married Daniel Boich on October 25, 2003. She has also opened her own Acting and Pilates studio called Sudio Technique in Burlington, Ontario. On November 24, 2004, Gema and Daniel had a baby girl, whom they named Ella.


















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