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TV series:'Sue Thomas: F.B.Eye'
episode: The Fugitive
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Pirates of the Sillicon Valley
Happy Christmas Miss King
World Vision Telethon
Jewel (caps from Shelly)
Road to Avonlea
By way of the stars
Hamilton Spectator Harvest Festival (1991)
"Avenging Angelo"
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CLICK HERE to see pictures from Gema and Daniel's Wedding! (There are 165 images in the gallery. Click on the pictures to see them in full size.)

Thank you Sue! (Click for a larger version of this picture.)


Gema's Pilates and Acting Studio


Gema teaching Pilates


Gema's Father Lou Zamprogna, and her Husband Daniel Boich, doing Pilates in Studio Technique. (Father: closest to camera. Husband: very back.)